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Bob Dowma, Tenor
Arranged most of the quartet's music, and he served 12 years as a Certified Arrangement Judge for the Barbershop Harmony Society. Bob has retired from the debits and credits world as a Controller for the past 35 years with 3 different Twin Cities companies. To keep his fingers and mind nimble, Bob performs treasurer duties for most all of the organizations in which he participates. We've been threatening to call for a major audit... sometime! He sings with the Great Northern Union Chorus, the Christ the King Choir, and with other local barbershop quartets. He also plays banjo in a local dixieland group, comprised mainly of Twin Cities area barbershoppers. Bob is married to Naomi and has a daughter, a son and a grandson. His son, Dan, was instrumental in setting up the quartet's website. Bob is in charge of wearing uniforms the other three tell him to wear. His 5' 18" stature often have people confusing him as the "big bass" of the quartet. Not so!
(email: hetenor@dowma.com)

Rod Johnson, Lead
Sings the lead part and also fills in on bass or baritone when the other voices are being featured. The quartet is still available on a limited schedule for gospel and barbershop shows. Rod is the contact man for the quartet, and can be reached by phone at 612-978-8237 or by email at the address listed below. He is retired from sales and marketing of IBM computers and related products. He is now a seasonal resident in Lake City, MN. Rod is a 60+ year member of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the Land O'Lakes District, and now spends much of his time in the Sunshine District. While in Florida, he also sings with the Breckenridge Singers, the Lamb of God Church Choir, and Gloryland Way, a gospel and barbershop quartet. The Gloryland Way quartet is the 2018 Senior Quartet Champion of the Sunshine District. He enjoys travel and golf, and is married with two daughters, two grandsons and a granddaughter. Rod and his wife, Arlene, have homes in both Minnesota and Florida.
(email: rodlead@hotmail.com)

Jim Foy, Bass
Handled the quartet's travel logistics during the "busy" years of performing! Jim's other hobby is tinkering with cars. He sold his 1950 Oldsmobile, so we can only guess what four-wheel gem may be gracing his driveway next. Jim is a retiree from an agricultural equipment manufacturer, but manages to work enough part-time to pay for his robust golfing habit. As an enthusiastic golfer, he pledges to not give up until he gets it right. We used to say that this could take awhile, but he has shown that practice does cause improvement! He is a member of the Minneapolis Commodores barbershop chapter, and also sings in the Salem Covenant church choir and other local quartets in the Twin Cities. Jim is married to Kay, with four grown children. A small bunch of kids know him as "Grampa", and now he even a proud great, grandfather. Jim has recorded extensively with the Good News gospel quartet, and was instrumental in the Happiness Emporium taking over that music ministry in year 2000.
(email: HEQbass@USFamily.net)

Rick Anderson, Baritone
Joined the Emporium in 1987, after singing in two District Champion quartets. Rick works as an Information Technology Analyst for HealthPartners, a health maintenance organization (HMO), and sings with the Minneapolis Commodores Chorus and other local quartets, including Genetic Advantage, with his brothers. He is the proud father of a son and a daughter. Rick likes to play golf, and he is the quartet's "designated driver" on the golf course. The other three are his "designated finders" of occasional shots too good to stay in the confines of the short grass. As a bari, he loves caulking and filling chords, but the H.E. also features him on solos and hero notes. He's held down the quartet's bari part the longest (33+ years) of the H.E.'s three baritones. Rick also provides two of the quartet's most important needs... holding down the average age of the quartet members and continuing to pay for the Social Security of the other three. What a guy!
(email: heqb3@hotmail.com)

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